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Minister: Tourists are welcome in Portugal

Portugal re-opens to European visitors

Minister: Tourists are welcome in Portugal

Portugal became one of the first countries in Europe to invite back tourists from elsewhere in the European Union.

“Tourists are welcome in Portugal,” Portugal’s Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva announced today.

The country’s doors are open to tourists, Santos Silva told Observador newspaper, explaining that some health checks will be introduced at airports but there will be no compulsory quarantine for those flying in.

Portugal, which has so far recorded 30,200 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1,289 deaths, is slowly easing restrictions in place since mid-March. Many shops have already reopened under strict restrictions as part of an effort to revive the country’s tourism-dependent economy.

Flights to and from outside the European Union are still temporarily suspended until June 15, with some exceptions, including some routes to and from Portuguese-speaking nations like Brazil.


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