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Sayaji Hotels: No Senior Salaries

Executives sacrifice pay to protect staff members

Sayaji Hotels: No Senior Salaries

In an unusual and welcomed move – a move worth following by other executives – top brass at Sayaji Hotels will not be taking a salary for an indefinite period of time.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Mrs. Suchitra Dhanani, Founding Director of Sayaji Hotels Ltd., has announced to forgo 100 percent of her salary for an indefinite period. The move was made to deal with the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic the group is facing and to keep the revenue loss stabilized while protecting and supporting the Sayaji Hotels staff members.

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly urged the industries who have been severely hit by the pandemic not to cut jobs. While the industry has taken various measures to overcome the impact of the pandemic, this is a small step from Sayaji Group to abide by the government call.

In similar lines, Ms. Saba Dhanani, Director of Operations, Sayaji Group; Ms. Sumera Dhanani, Business Analyst Manager; and Mr. Jameel Sayed, Director of Operations will also forgo their salary for an indefinite period.

“This is the least we could do to protect the employment of our team members working at various Sayaji Hotels while the hotel industry is facing a shutdown,” said, Mrs. Suchitra Dhanani, Founding Director of Sayaji Hotels Ltd.

Ms. Saba Dhanani, Ms. Sumera Dhanani, and Mr. Jameel Sayed, while speaking to the leadership team mentioned, “In light of the current situation, liquidity is becoming a major concern, and we are trying relentlessly to secure funds to ensure the team members are compensated. We had also taken the decision not to take our salaries for an indefinite time as every rupee makes a difference. Hopefully, this would help some of our staff who had been the pillar of our success story. This is the least we could do during the lockdown.”

As the entire industry staggers under the burdensome weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sayaji Hotels’ team is standing together to tide over these crucial times. At Sayaji Hotels, they believe perseverance cocktailed with hope is the key to brave this situation that no one in the world was probably prepared for. But as an industry, we all shall remember that no situation is ever permanent, and this, too, shall pass.


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