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“Caritas”: Street art that highlights the tragedy of our days

AleXsandro Palombo unveils new art series in Milan

“Caritas”: Street art that highlights the tragedy of our days

On the walls of Milan, the contemporary pop-artist AleXsandro Palombo unveils “Caritas” – the new series of awareness-raising artworks in favor of solidarity, that portrays “Pope Francis” and the “Madonna with child” begging for money, and transforms the paper cups with Coca Cola logo, always a symbol of mass consumerism and capitalism, into paper cups of charity.

“Caritas”: Street art that highlight the tragedy of our days

The coronavirus has contributed to the worsening of social inequalities, causing an alarming increase in poverty worldwide, the emergency has moved from hospitals to the street where the situation becomes increasingly alarming.

With “Caritas” AleXsandro Palombo addresses the urgency of poverty and the theme of solidarity to reflect on the social pandemic that is generating millions of new poor people all over the world.

“This crisis is the biggest opportunity we have to redesign and humanize society. Today more than ever we need to be aware of the other, of those who are on our way and who are experiencing a moment of extreme need. Each of us can make a difference in helping the most fragile and all those families who have now fallen into poverty.

This is the time to understand that the future is generosity and solidarity “said the artist who through his gaze shifts the focus from the health pandemic to the pandemic of poverty, a powerful reflection on the dramatic increase in the poor in Italy and throughout the world.”

Art at the service of the Social – in the “Caritas” series Pope Francis is a testimonial of charity and appears as a homeless person in front of the Church of San Gioachimo in the center of Milan, intent on begging, a poor man among the poor, and the Madonna begging with the child shows herself in all her humanity, closer to an earthly dimension than divine.

AleXsandro delves into the present and with his incisive and irreverent trait he intends to sensitize the observer on the deeper meaning of charity, shift attention to inequalities, marginalization, and encourage sharing and solidarity.

“The health crisis has initiated a change in our habits on a global scale, it is an immense opportunity for us to continue this transformation to change our society for the better, it is up to all of us to make yesterday’s world a better world where nobody remains invisible and everyone can have the right to human dignity, ” says Palombo.

Since the 1990s, Palombo’s visionary art has always proved to be a precursor, provoking important debates and reflections. His sign is a call to action, the artist continues in his personal path of research and experimentation that for over 25 years has characterized him for his works with a strong social impact, which tend to undermine stereotypes and promote important issues, related to multiculturalism ethics, human rights, inclusion, aesthetics, and diversity.

His latest series of works “Just Because I am a Woman” with world political leaders who are victims of gender-based violence, has become part of the permanent collection of the “National Manifesto Museum” of Denmark. In September the artist will reveal the name of the prestigious Paris Museum which is about to bring the series into its permanent collection.

AleXsandro Palombo, 46 years old, Milanese by adoption, is a contemporary pop artist and activist, multifaceted creative recognized worldwide for his critical and reflective works that focus on pop culture, society, diversity, ethics, and human rights.

His works are famous for their ability to subvert the stereotypes of our time and for the use of a visual language that tends towards reflection and awareness. Famous throughout the world is his 2013 series “Disabled Disney Princesses” which highlighted the theme of diversity and inclusiveness in a provocative way, triggering a strong worldwide debate.


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